A fun and innovative university and career simulator that helps students make those important life decisions.

Free to play online, in the classroom and at home! Over 10 million possible routes through the game! Choose from 20 career paths and over 900 unique jobs and promotions. 1,200 combinations of university courses and subjects in the game to choose from.

Apprenticeships or A levels, university or straight to work - it lets your students explore all their options.

Up-to-date salary and occupation information from 10 different datasets. Players decide what is important to them: earnings, happiness, work-life balance or education across 10 years of their life.

Our team

Richard Evans

Team Leader & Game Design: Richard Evans

NatWest's Great British Young Entrepreneur of The Year and Founder of The Profs - the multi-award-winning education start-up (Education Investor's Best Tutoring Company, 2017. The Guardian's Start-Up of The Year Finalist, 2016) and the UK's premier university tuition providers.​

Data Lead: Dan Malcolm

Graduated Imperial College Business School with an MSc in Finance. Worked at Citigroup as a data specialist and now applies his econometric and statistical skills to educational data analysis. Dan is also a top-rated econometrics tutor for The Profs. Our 8 strong team consists of experienced data scientists and engineers, as well as career mentors and behavioural psychologists.​