An innovative new game that helps students make better, more informed choices about their future!

Using real-world data, it gamifies important life decisions including A-levels, apprenticeships and university course choices. Based upon these decisions, the game then simulates the occupations available to players and the first five years of their graduate lives!

Funded by The Department for Education, TheWayUp! is a fun and engaging app that provides up-to-date information on the long-term consequences of education and career choices.

Play Out Your Future

The Way Up !

A fun and innovative university and career simulator that helps students make those important life decisions.

Free to play online, in the classroom and at home! Over 10 million possible routes through the game! Choose from 20 career paths and over 900 unique jobs and promotions.

1,200 combinations of university courses and subjects in the game to choose from. Apprenticeships or A levels, university or straight to work - it lets your students explore all their options.

Up-to-date salary and occupation information from 10 different datasets. Players decide what is important to them: earnings, happiness, work-life balance or education across 10 years of their life.


The game allows the player to take ten turns, each representing one year of their life, from 16 to 25 years old.


Through replaying the game, we allow players to explore the different routes through education, all of which are specifically tailored to their choices of apprenticeship or A-level subjects and grades.


At the end of the ten turns, players will be able to compare their 'final scores' as measured by Happiness and Income.